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Team Cohesion: Recap of the May 18th Activity at Xiang'an Villa Party House

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Update time : 2024-05-20 17:35:49
In today’s busy world, we all need to focus on well-being and better teamwork.
To improve interaction and cooperation, we held a fun activity on May 18th at Xiang'an Villa Party House.
This activity wasn’t just about fun; it was about showing our team spirit.

Team Spirit and Sharing Food
One highlight was cooking together. Each department prepared 2-3 dishes, and everyone pitched in.

Making dumplings symbolized unity and harmony, and everyone enjoyed the hands-on experience.

We really enjoyed the delicious food and catching up with all of our friends.

Talented Colleagues and Fun Activities
During free time, we played billiards, mahjong, board games, and karaoke. We discovered how talented our colleagues are. This event helped us understand each other better and feel more connected to VT.

Working Together for a Better Future
"Work hard, play hard" describes our team perfectly. This activity allowed us to relax, enjoy delicious food, and strengthen our team bond. We appreciate everyone’s efforts, experiencing the joy of collaboration. Let’s continue striving for a better future, showcasing VT’s limitless potential!
This activity was more than just a gathering; it was about forging connections. It underscored the importance of being a unified family, inspiring us to work together towards a promising future.

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