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VT's Jordan Distributor Shines at Jordan Health Expo 2024

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Update time : 2024-05-21 15:33:22

From May 16th to 18th, VT's Jordan distributor participated in the Jordan Health Expo 2024, an event dedicated to raising public health awareness, promoting healthy lifestyles, and advancing the health industry. The expo provided a platform for visitors to learn how appropriate audio equipment and technology can enhance and protect their hearing and overall health.

At the expo, our Jordanian distributor showcased VT's Bluetooth series, Zoom-certified products, UC series and more. VT's audio technologies, which not only deliver high-quality audio experiences but also protect hearing. These displays attracted many visitors and media professionals to the booth.

The booth staff engaged with visitors enthusiastically and patiently, explaining and demonstrating the unique features and advantages of VT's products. Their efforts highlighted how VT's advanced audio solutions contribute to better hearing health and overall well-being.

The participation of VT's Jordan distributor at the Jordan Health Expo 2024 successfully raised awareness of VT’s products in the region and their benefits for public health.

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