Warranty Statement

1. VT Product Warranty Period

VT provides a one-year or two-year limited warranty. The warranty period is calculated from three months after the production date. During the warranty period, VT will repair the damaged product for free. If the product is not covered by the warranty or within the warranty period, VT will charge the warranty parts cost or service fee.

Headsets (VT2000Series, VT5000Series, VT6200Series, VT7600 Series, VT8000Series, VTX100 Series,  VTX140 Series, VTX200Series, VTX200 Pro Series, VT8200Series, VTW300Series, VT9000DECT Series, VT9300DECT Series, VT9400DECT Series,  VT9500BTSeries, VT9605BTSeries, VTX300BT Series, VTB320 Series, VTSH200 Series, VTMH100, VTCS40, VTCS61 Series Speakerphones are warranted for 24 months only.

Headset VT1500 and VT1200 Series are warranted for 10 Months (Without gift box), Cable Accessories and VT1000Series are warranted for 12 Months.
The Headset warranty covers defects in parts on workmanship.
Replacement of parts or products may be new or refurbished and will meet the specifications of the original parts or products.

2. Disclaimers

This warranty does not cover damages due to:
Defect resulting from misuse, unauthorized modification, operation or storage outside the environment specification for the product or in-transit damage.

Misuse, including but not limited to:
(a) use of the product for the purpose other than that it is designed for, or failure to follow VT user guide.
(b) product installation or operation in conditions other than specified by the standards and safety regulations enforced in the country of operation.

3. How to make identify Procedures

Investigate (Under or After Warranty)
Identify Causes (Factory or Misuse)
Defined Responsibility
Handle RMA

4. Product Replacement RMA

If it is confirmed that VT should be responsible for the product damage, repair service and product replacement service will be provided for customers for free.
The freight of product replacement is carried by VT.
In addition, customers can also choose to ship the replacements with the next order.

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