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The Philippine Distributor - Kital Phils Held an Online Webinar

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Author : VT Headsets
Update time : 2023-10-16 11:41:08

The Philippine Distributor -
Kital Phils Held an Online Webinar

On October 12th, VT's Philippine distributor - Kital Phils convened over 50 local resellers and important channel customers to conduct online training webinar with VT Headsets. 

This webinar mainly provided a comprehensive introduction to VT products positioning, VT brand development history, overseas market share, and other aspects. The launch of this webinar was more conducive to partners understanding VT brand, products, and VT professional service, which greatly enhancing the visibility of VT brand in the Philippine market, and establishing a good ecosystem and long-term cooperative relationship! 

VT Headsets will continue to provide more high-quality products while maintaining close contact with customers around the world to better grasp local market demands and work with agents to continuously develop the VT brand.

About VT Distributor - Kital Phils

Kital Phils is a SEC registered company (corp.) with over 30 years of experience in the Philippine Market. The company embraces a wide area of fields of specialization in the Philippine business environment. Among these are state-of-the-art telecommunication systems and top-of-the line IP telephony equipment, such as Fanvil, Cisco, etc. These cutting-edge technologies are proudly under exclusive distributorship.
Kital Phils has also expanded its presence by partnering up with some of the best and most respected brands around the world in the field of cyber-security, data storage, and high-end digital equipment.

Kital Phils dedicates itself to its customers for full product satisfaction and professional services of its highly trained technical support team. Through its global network, Kital Phils has access to reputable suppliers so these products can be introduced and made available to the growing Philippine economy.

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