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VT team happy Agritainment activity in July 2022

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Author : VT Headsets
Update time : 2022-11-24 17:35:30

VT team happy Agritainment activity
in July 2022

Good team activities can increase staffs' cohesion
and promote better collective development.

On 9th July 2022, VT team had a happy Agritainment activity with the theme of "Casting Brilliance, Infinite Vitality", climbing mountains, making tea, playing cards, playing mahjong, KTV, picking fruits and vegetables, etc., which showed the liveliness and passion of all people.

We went to the farmland to pick fresh fruits and vegetables.

During the free time, we hike together, come to the park and feel the nature.

During dinner, we also had an intense but very fun trivia games.
It increased the cooperation and affection among the VT team.

With the sound of laughter, the happy Agritainment activity came to a successful end.
We reallu look forward next group activity!

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